Laptop and Notebook Repairs


Laptop with a broken screen

Laptop computers are wonderful machines.

Laptops allow us to stay productive and keep in touch while on the road, they take up very little space, and they save energy.

They're also available in different sizes and configurations to suit any user, ranging from tiny ones for people who just need to check their email while on trips, to powerful desktop replacements that can run even the most demanding, resource-hungry software such as video-editing and CAD/CAM programs.

This versatility and convenience are why laptop sales continue to increase year after year: They make our computing lives easier and more productive.

Until the unthinkable happens:

What usually happens next is that the owner calls the laptop manufacturer, only to find that what they want to charge them to fix the laptop is more than it cost to buy it in the first place!


We're Port Washington's Laptop Specialists

At Computer Port, we love laptops, too -- even broken laptops. In fact, we've established such a great reputation as laptop experts that other companies routinely refer laptop and notebook repairs to us. We've had clients from all over Long Island and New York City come to our shop to fix laptop computers that others had written off as beyond repair.

In addition to our regular line of computer repairs and maintenance services, we provide a complete line of specialized notebook and laptop repair services, including:

We also stock laptop power adapters, memory, hard drives, network adapters, wireless cards, and other laptop parts.

Even when a laptop is no longer economically repairable, chances are that we can retrieve your precious documents, photos, music, and other important data.

So when the unthinkable happens, don't lose hope. Most laptop problems can be repaired. Just tuck your beloved, broken laptop under your arm and bring it to us for a free evaluation. We're conveniently located on Main Street in Port Washington, and we service laptops from all over the Metropolitan Area.

For more information about laptop repairs, please contact us. We're always happy to hear from you!