Welcome to Computer Port


A processor being installed on a motherboard to represent computer repairs

Computer Port is a locally-owned computer repair and information technology company located in Port Washington, New York. Conveniently located on Main Street, Computer Port offers a wide variety of technology services, including:


Why Choose Computer Port?

With all the companies advertising computer repair services, why should you choose Computer Port? Here are several good reasons:

We are Locally Owned and Operated

Computer Port is locally owned and independent. Unlike the "big guys" in the business, we don't look at our clients as numbers on a spreadsheet. We're your friends and neighbors. We live here, we like it here, and we're here to stay. But that doesn't mean we can't offer you the highest quality service available: We have more than 40 years of combined experience in information technology, and we're ready and able to solve even the most thorny technology problems.

We Provide Residential and Commercial Services

Whether you're a business, a home user, or something in-between, we offer a wide variety of custom-tailored technology services to assure that your computers are one less headache you have to worry about.

We Offer a Free In-Shop Diagnosis

Does your computer seem sluggish but you don't know why? Bring it to us! We'll check it out for free and make some suggestions on how to pep it up. Not sure if your old machine is worth fixing? Bring it in and we'll give you an honest, professional opinion.

Our Prices are Competitive

We're a local company catering to local people, so we aren't saddled with millions of dollars of advertising expenses every month. Our prices are among the best in the industry, and we stand behind the work we do.

We are Conveniently Located

Our office is located at 189 Main Street, right in the heart of town. Why drive out-of-town to get what you can get right here in Port?


So no matter what your technology needs, give us a call. We're always happy to talk to a neighbor, and we're ready to provide you with the finest-quality information technology services available anywhere. Thanks for visiting. We hope to see you soon!